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Walkable community imageA “complete” community promotes healthy lifestyles, economic growth, and sustainability through an integrated approach to transportation, land-use, and community design.

The Delaware Complete Communities Planning Toolbox is a resource for community leaders and local government officials to utilize:

Complete-Communities Planning Approaches in 5 key area of land use and development.

  1. Complete Streets
  2. Efficient Land Use
  3. Healthy and Livable
  4. Inclusive and Active
  5. Sustainable and Resilient

Community-Design Tools to create places that are dynamic and reflect community changes, oriented toward people not cars, reflective of a town’s architectural and cultural heritage, visually attractive and enjoyable, accessible and inclusive, and economically vibrant.

Public Engagement Strategies to foster communication with residents about community development plans.

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For further questions please email University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration Policy Specialist Sarah Pragg at

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