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Assistance requested from the National Association of Government Web Professionals

The following email was received from fellow MWDG member and chair of the National Association of Government Web Professionals Pinnacle Awards Committee, Barbara Belli.  She is requesting our assistance.  Please read the message below and contact her via the email listed in her message below.  Thank you!


Hello Fellow MWDG Members,


Each year the National Association of Government Web Professionals holds its annual Conference and Pinnacle Awards Banquet where the best in local, regional, and state websites are recognized. As chair of the Pinnacle Awards Committee, I need for your help to be Pinnacle Awards judges. I have received some ballot responses but would feel comfortable receiving more.


There are 5 categories with no more than 4 entrants in each category. They are:


  • City/County Low Population
  • City/County Medium Population
  • City/County Large Population
  • State/NCO
  • Microsite/Special Site Feature


You will be provided the entry forms and the judging ballot for each category. The entries must be submitted by midnight on Monday, August 25th. Please contact me at


Thank you. Your help is very much appreciated.

Barbara Belli


Thank you in advance for assisting our fellow member out.  Have a great day and I look forward to seeing everyone on the September 22nd meeting!

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